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Important - Please Read

This site is a resource for effective physical therapy exercises. This implies that you, the reader, are likely rehabilitating an injury at the moment. It is important to realize that there is no substitute for a face-to-face evaluation of the injury by a professional who can properly assess it and advise the best course to take. This site is a wealthy resource if you want to find out how to perform a particular exercise, or if you are browsing to see what is available for certain cases of post and/or prehab exercises. The commentary will usually provide advice for very general and common ailments that affect most people. Most people would benefit from following a regimen such as the above, but some people rehab-ing from a particular injury may need to follow something completely different from the aforementioned. In short, one must realize that there is no one-size-fits-all in physical therapy exercises and one must choose with caution (if not otherwise advised by a professional) which exercises to perform for their particular ailment. Although, at times, specific advice will be given regarding the best (in this author’s opinion) route for some specific injuries. Above all, if you are suffering from a serious injury, consult a physical therapist or other professional before trying to fix it yourself. You must know exactly what you are dealing with before treating an injury or muscle imbalance before you can safely proceed to treat it. There’s really no substitute for trained eyes in this instance. This site is NOT a replacement for a good physical therapist. It is simply an informational resource. However, there will also be “prehabilitation” included on this site. Meaning exercises that will promote a healthy and balanced body that will most strongly resist being injured from either sports or day to day life. The best way to rehab an injury is to never have it in the first place. Special attention must be paid to avoiding injuries and muscle imbalances.